Timothy H.

In one word: Incredible! In more than one word: Mastercraft Shutters and Blinds were one of 6 companies I contacted for a quote to install plantation shutters on 19 windows and 2 doors within my home.  Ivan and his helper were so flexible in scheduling the initial in home consultation.  When they arrived, they were respectful, courteous and professional to both me and in and around my home.  They answered all of the questions I had, thoroughly.  I am an engineer so I am extremely inquisitive of the manufacturing process and quality standards.  After talking about it with me for a few minutes, Ivan, enthusiastically, said, "If you have some time, follow me to my manufacturing shop and I will show you!"  I eagerly jumped in my truck and followed him.  Upon arrival, he took me through each step, showed me how different options would effect the overall look in MY home, what his suggestions were, and then asked how I felt about it.  That whole experience alone completely won me over... But wait, there's more!  That evening, I received the quote from them.  Of the 6 quotes I sought out from both local companies and the big guys, Mastercraft Shutters and Blinds was the 2nd least costly.  The decision was simple.  When factoring in that they were family owned, locally manufactured, professional, intelligent, thoughtful AND so price competitive, I went with Ivan and Mastercraft. Manufacturing was fast.  Installation was done at my convenience and carefully as to not miss any detail.  The end result was amazing and brought my home to the next tier. But wait, there's more!  A few months after installation, one of my dogs found that a good use for custom plantation shutters was a ladder to be able to see out the window.  After a few weeks of doing this, my dog got cocky and pounced on it breaking two of the louvers.  I called Ivan to see if he could fix them for me and had explained what happen.  Normally, in these scenarios, the lower priced option will rake you over the coals with charges.  Ivan refused to charge me a single penny.  He was so nice about it.  Embarrassing as it may be, I had a foster dog about a two yearsafter Ivan installed my shutters and this dog decided when the mailman comes, it is appropriate to bite down on the louvers.  It only happened once, but once was enough.  Head hung down, I called Ivan, again.  I got the same exact result as last time.  Ivan completely stood behind his product even when, clearly, it had nothing to do with him and repaired my shutter for free, with a smile on his face, and withing 24 hours. VERY, VERY rarely do you come across a business and business owner with the extreme level of professionalism, class, honesty, understanding, workmanship, and quality, all at the same time, as you do with Ivan from Mastercraft Shutters and Blinds.  I would recommend them to anyone and everybody.  You will not find a better product, price and organization anywhere.

Christine A.

Ivan measured and installed our shutters before we moved into our new home.  A very good experience! We really enjoyed meeting him.  Ivan explained the difference between his shutters, which he manufactures in his own factory, and the imported type. Ivan also directed me toward the wider 4 inch design. I'm happy that I took his advice.  I recently decided to have Mastercraft shutters installed in our Mater bedroom.  I asked Ivan if he could have it done by December 5th.  Well,  Ivan is coming this morning ( Dec 3rd)  to install the last of my shutters.  I knew he could do it!  We plan to have Ivan help us with our sliding glass doors.....we have not yet decided what we want.

Overall, we could not be happier!

Thomas and Barbara W.

We decided to purchase Plantation Shutters for our new home and began researching providers several months prior to the completion date of the home.  Using Angie's List we searched for quality providers that were local.  This would enable us to observe the quality of their products prior to ordering.In the beginning of our process we were unsure of whether to select either poly or wood shutters. (We have poly in our current home and like them but also preferred the look of wood). After contacting Mastercraft Shutters and Blinds and talking to the owner and builder (Ivan) we decided to accept his offer and visit his production facility.  He discussed the construction of both poly and wood shutters with us and showed us completed samples of both products (if you don't wish to visit his facility he will happily bring his samples to your home).While we were still deciding we requested that he come to our new home (during construction) and measure the windows.  He did this about 3-4 weeks prior to our closing date.  He also brought samples that he placed in our windows so we could make the best choice. We then decided to select the wood plantation shutters.The day following the closing on our home Mastercraft arrived exactly at the scheduled time and installed the shutters.  The install was perfect and the shutters are absolutely beautiful.  Ivan oversaw the installation (as he does each one) and insured that each shutter was perfectly placed and adjusted.In summary, Mastercraft Shutters provides a very high quality product that is meticulously crafted and installed.  They are very easy to work with and highly accommodative.  They always arrive on time and do exactly what they say they will. We are very happy that we found this company.

Robin S.

Ivan, the owner of the company and designer of the shutters, is a mechanical engineer who knows everything about his business. He is very friendly and completely trustworthy. I just took Ivan's advice and my house looks gorgeous. Almost everything comes pre-assembled at their factory in Jacksonville, so that the entire installation took about 2 hours. This included the removal of my old drapes and blinds, as well as filling in the holes in the wall left by the old window treatments. A team of 3 people came for the installation, including Ivan, Daniela, and another helper. Ivan himself oversaw the exact placement of each shutter. He made sure they were properly aligned and made any minor adjustments required, although the vast majority of the shutters fit perfectly without needing any adjustments. The quality of the workmanship was simply superb. These shutters are so well made that it doesn't surprise me that they come with a lifetime guarantee. I chose the "clear view" design so that no vertical bar shows on the inside surface of the shutters. This is slightly more expensive than the design with the interior vertical bar, but I think it is well worth the extra money. These shutters will last a life time, so get them done just the way you want them. I highly recommend Ivan and his company to anyone who wants beautiful window coverings. I was lucky to find them. They serve the entire state of Florida and are very busy, and it's obvious why. Even their price was about $1000 less than another quote I had for shutters of lesser quality. Why go with anyone else?

Brian D.

The entire experience was great! I visited several businesses before deciding to have my blinds made by Mastercraft, and I made the right choice. Ivan, the owner, took me on a tour of his workshop, explaining the many options available. I brought a sample of my wood floor and asked if he could match it. "No problem." We set up a date for Ivan to measure my windows, and he arrived on time with a couple of samples, to give me an idea how each would look in my house. We settled on my designs and cost, and the time it would take him to make all the pieces. I called Ivan a few days before the designated installation day, just to check if there were any problems, and he confirmed that he was on track to be ready for installation on the day we had planned. On that day, he arrived with a helper, and quickly installed all eight shutters. He explained how to clean them, and what to do if any of them ever needed adjusting, but in the 11 months since installation, all I have needed to do is dust them. The shutters are beautiful, perfectly fit to my windows, and perfectly matched to my floors, as I requested. I have already recommended Ivan to friends, and will certainly return to his workshop if I ever need blinds for another house in this area.