Brian D.
May 11, 2015
Thomas and Barbara W.
May 26, 2015

Robin S.

Ivan, the owner of the company and designer of the shutters, is a mechanical engineer who knows everything about his business. He
is very friendly and completely trustworthy.
I just took Ivan’s advice and my house looks gorgeous. Almost everything comes pre-assembled at their factory in Jacksonville, so
that the entire installation took about 2 hours. This included the removal of my old drapes and blinds, as well as filling in the holes in
the wall left by the old window treatments. A team of 3 people came for the installation, including Ivan, Daniela, and another helper.
Ivan himself oversaw the exact placement of each shutter. He made sure they were properly aligned and made any minor adjustments required, although the vast majority of the shutters fit perfectly without needing any adjustments. The quality of the workmanship was
simply superb. These shutters are so well made that it doesn’t surprise me that they come with a lifetime guarantee.
I chose the “clear view” design so that no vertical bar shows on the inside surface of the shutters. This is slightly more expensive than
the design with the interior vertical bar, but I think it is well worth the extra money. These shutters will last a life time, so get them done
just the way you want them.
I highly recommend Ivan and his company to anyone who wants beautiful window coverings. I was lucky to find them. They serve
the entire state of Florida and are very busy, and it’s obvious why. Even their price was about $1000 less than another quote I had
for shutters of lesser quality. Why go with anyone else?